Tango Experience festival (Guadeloupe )

Yatma Diallo tango argentino Milano

Tango Experience festival (Guadeloupe )

tango in guadaloupe 2020

Guadeloupe (Google it) :
the butterfly island,
the 7 islands archipel,
the beautiful waters island,
the Zouk island…

come to eat kazzav, listen gwo-ka, eat matété, chew sugar canes, drink savory local rums…
come to enjoy the nautic activities… the volcanic advantages on the forest… embark for mangrove tour…

For now, This Event gives To the fastest who rsvp… a chance to join the amazing aventure of the
Guadeloupe International Tango Xperience 2020…
be one of the 42 first to rsvp and get amazing discount and unbelievable gifts To visit our island…

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