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Virginia’s rubric

tango argentino Milano

Spread the tango

But genuinely sharing, listening, and together creating a truly rich, unique experience

How critical it is to first – understand yourself

Know your feelings, perceptions, way of being, expression

Feel each of these throughout your body and spirit

Self-assuredly understanding all of yourself so that you can





Confidently express yourself

Only when we are connected fully to ourselves,

can we honestly, clearly, and authentically share and communicate with others

When we are grounded in ourselves, clear in our connection to ourselves and authentically communicating that,

Then we are free to begin to clearly listen


Receive and

To truly hear our partner’s voice and spirit clearly

Only then can we begin to share in a way that allows us to openly and clearly co-create

More than just communicating and sharing

Then we begin to dance…..

Spread the tango