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Museum of Black Civilisations

Senegal’s Museum of Black Civilizations Welcomes Some Treasures Home With its focus on black cultural contributions across the world, a museum opens amid a heated debate about reclaiming plundered art. A Bamoun statue from Cameroon, left, and a 2018 painting, “Redresseurs,” from a Cuban art collective The Merger, at the new Museum of Black Civilizations…
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culinary art of Senegal

Ceebu Jën, a culinary art of Senegal Inscribed in 2021 (16.COM) on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity Thieboudienne is considered to be the national dish of Senegal and for a good reason, it is bursting with layers of excellent flavor. Just one of the reasons Senegalese cuisine is known around…
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House of Slaves & its Door of No Return The guide was updated: 2024-03-14 The House of Slaves is a museum and memorial to the Atlantic slave trade on Gorée Island. The Door of No Return memorialises the final exit point of the slaves from Africa. Though the exact number of slaves who actually departed from…
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Théodore Monod African Art Museum

Théodore Monod African Art Museum Dakar’s position on the Cape Verde peninsula and its fascinating past mean it offers many superb attractions. If you’re keen to find out more about Dakar’s rich history, the nearby Théodore Monod African Art Museum (formerly known as the IFAN Museum of African Arts) investigates all aspects of the region’s…
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Dakar, city, capital of Senegal, and one of the chief seaports on the western African coast. It is located midway between the mouths of the Gambia and Sénégal rivers on the southeastern side of the Cape Verde Peninsula, close to Africa’s most westerly point. Dakar’s harbour is one of the best in western Africa, protected by the limestone cliffs of the cape…
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tango Africa

the idia

African Renaissance Monument

African Renaissance Monument On the shoreline of the Ouakam neighborhood of Dakar, two volcanic hills called les Mamelles (the breasts) rise above the flat expanse of the city. One mamelle features an iconic lighthouse built in 1864; the other serves as the platform for the African Renaissance Monument(ARM), constructed in 2009 and dedicated in 2010. Billed as the highest (not to…
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