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**Welcome to the Continental Tango Premiere: A Breeze of Passion and Culture**

We are pleased to announce the first edition of the Continental Tango Premiere, an unprecedented event designed to bring together 150 tango dancers from all over the world. This epic event will feature 28 hours of continuous dancing at an international-level hotel, where the magic of tango will blend with elegance and comfort.

### Event Highlights:

**28 Hours of Continuous Dancing:** Immerse yourself in a tango marathon, where the music envelops you and the rhythm enchants for over a full day of passion and movement.

**Conferences and Presentations:** Renowned experts will share their knowledge during stimulating conferences on tango and book presentations that celebrate its history and evolution.

**Outdoor Dance Sessions:** Enjoy the unique atmosphere of tango under the stars, with special outdoor dance sessions that amplify the beauty and emotion of the dance.

**Guided Tours and Culinary Tastings:** Explore local culture with guided tours of historical sites and tastings of culinary delights that will please your palate.

**International-Level Hotel Experience:** Stay at a luxury hotel that ensures comfort and refinement, perfect for relaxing between dance sessions.

### Why Attend?

The Continental Tango Premiere is not just an event, but a unique opportunity to connect with tango enthusiasts from around the world, deepen your knowledge of the dance, and create unforgettable memories in an extraordinary setting.

Join us to celebrate the beauty, passion, and tradition of tango in a context that sets new standards for events dedicated to this fascinating art form.

### Event Details:

**Date:** [Insert event date]
**Location:** [Insert hotel name and location]
**Contact:** For more information and bookings, visit our website at [Insert website] or contact us via email at the provided address, excluding africatanguera@gmail.com.

Don’t miss the chance to be part of this extraordinary event that will mark a new chapter in the history of continental tango. We look forward to dancing, learning, and sharing the passion for tango like never before!

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